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​​Kim Waters, APRN-FNP, and Carli Israelson, MA-PLMHP, both have walked their own personal journey struggling with body image issues and eating disorders. 

​At HOPE, they involve compassion, professional insight, and personal experience to care for their patients. Their expertise in the area of eating disorders, body image, and co-occurring mental health disorders is unique to our region and they are honored to be Nebraska's resource for finding HOPE.

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HOPE Healthcare, PC is bringing the first ever NEDA Walk to Lincoln!

​Join us at Holmes Lake Park on October 1st, 2017!

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​​​​​Your treatment includes a holistic approach to care. We assess our patients as a whole, considering core pillars (physical, mental, sociological, spiritual). A non-pharmacological approach is always our first consideration; however, we understand and treat the complex needs of each individual, as there is certainly no one-size-fits-all when it comes to health and recovery.

  • Physical Assessment
  • Medical evaluation
  • EKG
  • Labs
  • Medication management  and review
  • Genetic testing
  • Continued  medical follow-up
  • Mental health assessment
  • Mental health therapy
  • Health coaching (lifestyle, exercise, attitude, and nutrition)
  • Consulting with a Registered Dietician
  • Education
  • Family support
  • Spiritual support and prayer

​​A tree is a symbol of antiquity and immense strength. A tree also

 symbolizes recovery from an ​​​​illness, ambition of wishes fulfilled, blessings of nature, good fortune, stability, shelter and security.

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