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Other New Patient Forms will be filled out at the first visit. 

As a new patient, you are on a journey to a new beginning. Before your first visit, please write two letters. These are as follows....

1 Letter to my eating disorder and how it is hurting you:

2 Letter to my eating disorder and how it is helping you:


Letter to my eating disorder and how it is helping you:  

Dear eating disorder, you are always there for me. When I'm scared, when I am sad, when I am angry. You allow me to numb so many feelings so that I don't have to hurt. You were there for difficulties in High school, my dad dying, a divorce, alcohol treatment, and more. You made me the size I wanted to to be. You are my secret and only mine. You are my safe place. 

Eating disorder and how it is hurting you
Dear eating disorder,
You have caused me so much pain and suffering. You have medically affected every part of my body in a negative way. You don't allow me to express my feelings. You destroyed my marriage once and you are trying to do it again. You don't care about me and you want to die together. I hate you for not caring. You haven't nourished me in a long time and am getting tired from your neglect. You made school hard, for me and all of my relationships I had. You made my parents think that I hated them. You made my parents not know what to do with me. You ruined gymnastics for me. Eating disorder, you are no good for me and need to let you go so that I can be the person I know I am and live a happy life. Eating disorder, you have been a destruction path for myself and everyone around me, for that ,  I hate you.